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Cost effective shipments is essential when you are moving freight into and out of Europe. European Groupage is one way to achieve this and to keep costs down, and this is quite a straightforward and simple solution.

Essentially European Groupage is a service that consolidates a number of parcels, pallets and other freight onto one vehicle or trailer so they can be shipped together, helping to keep costs to a minimum while providing the customer with the assurance needed.

Tracking shipments throughout the journey is still possible and the service provided by Premier Road Freight ensures proof of delivery quickly and electronically and in real time meaning there is no waiting to find out if and when your consignment has arrived and if it is on time or not, also the fee that your business will pay will usually be based on the goods or freight that you are shipping as a whole and not as individual items.

You need to be aware that the cost quoted will also usually be based on your required delivery time, for example, if you need next day delivery the cost is likely to be more than if you need a 3-7 day delivery time but the costs of European groupage are usually easy to understand meaning you should always know roughly, how much you are being charged for the service.

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