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Pallet Distribution has often been difficult, pallets get bashed and knocked about and if full pallets were not used you can often be charged for space you aren’t using as part pallets will sometimes be charged as full pallets meaning money is being wasted which in turn can affect cash flow.

There is a variety of pallet sizes to choose from and you should only pay for the pallet size your consignment uses, as a company sending out freight and palletised goods it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different sizes and types which will enable you to work out the best and most cost effect way to send your freight.

For example a smaller consignment will need a quarter size pallet, this will often weigh around 250kg maximum, then you have a half pallet which will carry a maximum weight of 500kg, all the way up to a full pallet which will usually weigh up to 1200kg. Height wise you should work within one metre and 2.2 metres, more often than not it’s best to just give us a quick call and discuss your exact requirements, that way we can work with you to decide the best way to get exactly what you need.

Always look to use pallets that meet your exact requirements, this way you only pay for what is being shipped. Let us quote you for a comprehensive pallet distribution service.

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